Italian airport handling ground and flight supervision


Monitoring the ground handling activities always has been our core business. You may require a global supervision of all handling activities, or wish that special attentionĀ be given to one area in particular. Of course, we can always find a tailored solution for you and we offer a vast range of supervisory services:

  • supervision of check-in area, with particular regard to SLA (opening times, number of counters, information to passengers, etc.)
  • processing of PNL
  • handling of special requests
  • handling of overbookings
  • EXCB
  • VIP handling
  • assistance during transit
  • attendance of self check-in counters
  • handling of flight disruptions
  • hotel reservations
  • car reservations
  • supervision of boarding activities
  • supervision of aircraft turnaround, with particular regard to SLA (de-boarding, boarding, baggage handling, cleaning, etc.)
  • fuelling supervision
  • catering Supervision
  • de-icing supervision (pre-flight check and final inspection)
  • reporting