TEAM airport handling agent history

Our history

The first name of the company was SAMOA (Supervision and Management of Airlines) in the late 90’s, then TEAM (Turin’s Extensive Airport Multiservices ) was founded in 2000 in order to obtain an official handling license from the Italian Civil Aviation Authority  (ENAC).

In 15 years of activity the company has registered a constant growth, handling  at various airports  more than 60.000 flights.

Just to give you an idea, here’s a list of the major airlines that have kept us busy until today:

Lufthansa German Airlines

The German carrier has always been our major client.  Our colleagues are integrated in the station management of TRN and NAP, performing airline representation, station administration, supervision, operations coordination, ramp coordination, weight and balance, aircraft closure and sealing, fuelling supervision, de-icing supervision and headset assistance.


Over 15 years together! Once we managed the station, now we supervise the carrier’s winter charters.

British Airways

When BA returned to Turin in 2003, after a long absence, we seemed to be the right company, at the right moment and at the right place.  We have performed supervisory services on behalf of the British carrier ever since. Our staff have attended TRC and emergency courses in London.

TAP Air Portugal

Two years of dedicated passenger assistance in Turin allowed us to open up a new market at Bologna airport, where our supervisors were responsible for daily flight operation.


For a substitution period of six months,  we carried out passenger assistance and operational control on behalf of the national Dutch carrier.

LOT Polish Airlines

Since 2011 we have performed a rewarding  full supervision of  all flights operating  at Turin airport.

Austrian Airlines, Easy Jet, Luxair, Thomson Airways

These airlines have asked us to carry out de-icing inspections on their aircraft.